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Re: [E-devel] The new menu generator is ready for testing.

Il giorno dom, 05/03/2006 alle 10.17 +1000, David Seikel ha scritto:
> The new menu generator is ready for testing.  It's not ready for prime
> time, but it would be helpful to get it tested on a variety of boxen.
even on my system, eaps couldn't be generated, and I've got no menu :/

lestat@abele:~$ e17genmenu --fdo
BUG: References 1 /home/lestat/.e/e/applications/all
BUG: References 1 /home/lestat/.e/e/applications/favorite
BUG: References 1 /home/lestat/.e/e/applications/all

Total time 6.607 seconds, finding fdo paths 6.095, converting fdo menus
0.000, generating 0 (rejected 0) eaps in 0 menus 0.338, finding icons
0.000, generating eap caches 0.174.

Running on a Debian unstable/experimental box with Gnome environment
installed as long as a lot of Gnome apps and few KDE/Qt ones.
CVS build of e17 as far as today (~ 11:00 AM GMT).

$ find /usr -name \*.desktop | wc -l
$ find /usr -name \*.menu | wc -l

Hope this helps...

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