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[E-devel] Elive 0.4.2 Released !

Elive 0.4.2 is released, this version is the same version to 0.4 but with a "fast minor bugs" fixed. Actually the website has some mirrors and you don't need to use the torrent download (we don't have very mirrors support).
A complete general changelog from between 0.3 and 0.4.2 with a big list of featurese you found in http://elivecd.org/gb/Download/0.4.2/ , and a complete list of the packages installed here http://elivecd.org/gb/Packages_0.4/

The final result of this version not is bad, in the LiveCD mode you have all the EFL libs (also developement libs) and some things, compilers, editors, etc... You have also the UnionFS support, in another words, in Elive you can be posible to compile any source code on EFL and also installing it on the system (livecd), the limit is your ram + swap, also you can posible to "apt-get" any package and install it on the fly, actually UnionFS is VERY stable and works pretty good on this release.

If you install it you obtain a Debian based system (or in another words, a debian customized), with all prepaired and customized ready to use, entrance is the login manager and e16/e17 is the unique window managers a lot of programs good selected and all the system ready to use, you have also elpanel, the idea of elpanel is "the center of control of Elive", for manage the system and configure it, also you can configure some little things of your desktop from elpanel.

The installed system not is bad, is a good distro for use everyday, a fast way to obtain a Debian + E system very customized, the repository with all E/EFL related are upgraded between 1 or maximum 2 weeks, all the themes available via apt-get...

The system not is perfect, i know this, but not is bad, i need to look now for another system to use for the next 0.5 release and im hope a very better thing :)

Any recomendation or any thing related with the libs, any package to recomends for developement, minimal tools or console editors... (caution, actually is very limited of size, i don't warranty to include this packages)