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Re: [E-devel] changelog.in explanation

My email is in most of the packages for a reason. :) You should have asked about the build process from the beginning and we could have avoided all this. The packages are currently setup to build using a "make dist" tarball. This allows for "official" packages that are ready to go to debian proper. CVS snapshot packages are not really what should be in CVS, they should be generated as needed.

The reason CVS is setup the way it is, is for snapshot releases. These should coincide with releases on freedesktop.org. If you need to increment the debian package version you can do that easily with debchange (or update changelog.in if needed temporarily). With that said, the current packages for debian are not ideal, they should be moved to CDBS, it will simplify them greatly.

It took a long time to get all the packages setup to build the same way, I'd really appreciate it if you don't undo all that work, but help is certainly appreciated since I know I've been MIA a lot lately. Let's work together on it though so we can agree on the best approach.


On Mar 6, 2006, at 5:57 AM, xstasi@gmail.com wrote:

Hi ML,

it has been asked to me a few times why I removed changelog.in from
configure.in, since that way "the versioning was automatic".

That's in fact the real problem.

Let me explain myself:

If the version of eet (for example) is always the same (, apt-get will never update the packages from the repository, unless eet reaches a new

To correctly maintain a debian repository with cvs software, I need to have
packages version like (in eet example)
I can't add the cvs date in the version while configure (launched by debuild
script) replaces the version each time I run it.

Another example of this problem is the Enlightenment package.

The CVS version of Enlightenment is 0.16.999, but the version present in
Debian is 1:, which is superior

$ dpkg --compare-versions 0.16.999 '>' 1:; echo $?

This way, when a user upgrades his system, E17 is replaced by E16, and
that's not what we want.

A manual handling of the debian version allows to add epochs (1:) and cvs
suffixes, which make the packages usable without any problems.
I decided to do this since when I created my own debian repository (before joining the development team) i did all these changes one by one in all the source directories before being able to build up a functional repository.

I hope this explanation will clarify the purpose of my actions to those who
were wondering.

I am here for any further doubts

- xstasi

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