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[E-devel] changelog.in explanation

Hi ML,

it has been asked to me a few times why I removed changelog.in from
configure.in, since that way "the versioning was automatic".

That's in fact the real problem.

Let me explain myself:

If the version of eet (for example) is always the same (, apt-get
will never update the packages from the repository, unless eet reaches a new

To correctly maintain a debian repository with cvs software, I need to have
packages version like (in eet example)
I can't add the cvs date in the version while configure (launched by debuild
script) replaces the version each time I run it.

Another example of this problem is the Enlightenment package.

The CVS version of Enlightenment is 0.16.999, but the version present in
Debian is 1:, which is superior

$ dpkg --compare-versions 0.16.999 '>' 1:; echo $?

This way, when a user upgrades his system, E17 is replaced by E16, and
that's not what we want.

A manual handling of the debian version allows to add epochs (1:) and cvs
suffixes, which make the packages usable without any problems.
I decided to do this since when I created my own debian repository (before
joining the development team) i did all these changes one by one in all the
source directories before being able to build up a functional repository.

I hope this explanation will clarify the purpose of my actions to those who
were wondering.

I am here for any further doubts

- xstasi