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Re: [E-devel] The new menu generator is ready for testing.

David Seikel wrote:

The new menu generator is ready for testing.  It's not ready for prime
time, but it would be helpful to get it tested on a variety of boxen.

The test procedure is this -

Move your ~/.e/e/applications/favorite to a safe place, then nuke it.

Optionally do the same for ~/.e/e/applications/all.

Go to e17/apps/e_utils/src/bin/e17genmenu (yes I know it's a bit
strange having a separate tree there, it's a temporary thing, blame

Do the usual autofoo three step.

e17genmenu --fdo

After that has finished running, E will by unresponsive for a few
minutes.  This is a known issue with the eap cache regeneration.

This will generate E17 menus based on whatever freedesktop.org menus
you have installed in your system.  It should find all the things that
are supposed to be in your fdo menus.  Not everything will have a proper
icon, and there is not currently a method of selecting the fdo icon
theme you want to use.  Also, not all the re arranging, categorising,
and deletions/hiding is being done properly yet.  There are still a few
big parts of the spec being ignored.

Send me the last line that is output (the one with the timing stats)
and let me know what distro and CPU speed you tested it on.

If there are major parts of your fdo menus that have not been found,
please find out what directories the .desktop files are in and let me
know what they are.  Same applies if there are .menu files being

Restore your original eaps and menus when you have finished playing
with the fdo menus.
David -

got this after following your directions:

[lvanek@dhcp-193-136 applications]$ e17genmenu --fdo
ERROR: /home/lvanek/.e/e/applications/all doesn't exist. Where are the eapps?

perhaps I should not have blown away


Im running Fedora Core 4 (updated).