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Re: [E-devel] key-binding bug

>  The first thing I want to tell is key-binding.
>  This feature is extreamly usefull, and I do not imagine a life in linux
> without
>  this feature. Still, I think there is minor bug in key-binding in
> Enlightenment.
>  Recently I tried to bind keys. Everything worked fine untill I tried to
> bind key "Ctrl + ;"

This is not a bug. Basically you have to replace special symbol with a
full name.
In your example you have to assign the following binding : CTRL+semicol
instead of Ctrl + ;

>  to switch to right desktop. It does not work :-( For switching to left
> desktop
>  I use "Ctrl + h" and it works perfectly, but somehow "Ctrl + ;" does not
> work.
>  I had similar problem with Blackbox ( also could not bind "Ctrl + ;" ) ,
> while

Probably you have to do the same in blackbox also, but I'm not
actually sure about BB.