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Re: [E-devel] DeskLock and VMWare, VMWare keeps keyboard input

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006 16:58:01 -0600 "Marc McGarry" <marc.mcgarry@gmail.com>

> I'm having an issue with desklock and VMWare.
> I have VMWare setup to grab keyboard and mouse focus using VMWare
> Tools. Basically, when I move the mouse into the VMWare window, it
> gets key+mouse control and when I mouse out of it, it loses the focus
> and E17 then gets key+mouse control.
> Now, when the DeskLock screensaver kicks in and locks the screen, it
> isn't getting the keyboard access if my mouse was last in VMWare.

mmm - good point.

> I don't know if this can be worked around using DeskLock or if it's
> just something I'm going to have to live with when using VMWare. Would
> it be possible to add a setting to force mouse and key focus to a
> specific window or desk area? Or move the mouse to 0,0 of the current
> window before locking?

well we cant BREAK the existing grab (vmware literally grabs the mouse and keyboard - it doesn't just allow normal focus and mouse events to work in this situation) without:

1. unmapping (hiding) the window that has the grab
2. literally killing the x client (or destroying the window) that has the grab.

problem is... x doesn't provide a way to find out what window has the keyboard or mouse grab. desklock needs to try do this:

1. actually try hide all windows (unmap them) which will (hopefully) break any existing keyboard and mouse grabs
2. actually check if the keyboard and mouse grabs fail or succeed - if they fail try a few times in a row (with small pauses) to get them - if this fails display an error dialog and don't lock.

this should mean your desktop doesn't become locked up at any rate.

> I believe the problem is that the lock is occurring and cannot get
> keyboard control because VMWare has it, but it DOES get mouse control,
> resulting in a disconnect preventing VMWare from giving up keyboard
> control.
> Thanks and great work with the desk lock stuff!
> --Marc
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