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Re: [e-devel] [patch] edje jittery with sse

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006 23:49:20 +0100 ilLogict <illogict@online.fr> babbled:

>  Hello!
>  Attached is a patch that solves the Edje jittery issue. The question
> is, why was it working with 387?
>  Well, now it seems to work as well with 387 and sse.
>  But (there's always a but ;D), it now seems that there are problems
> with some widgets.
>  There were positionning issues with ilist items, they should look as
> before (thank you again boneyfrog for your screenshot) with attached
> patch (e_ilist_edje_jittery_update.patch).
>  Menu items, when focused, seem to move down and right by 1px, and of
> course don't go back where they should be when unfocused, but I was
> unable to find a workaround :'(.
>  I'm pretty sure that other things may have broken. :(

dud u just upgrade compilers? as nothing has changed in edje for a while. did u change CFLAGS?

>  Cheers!
>                                                 ilLogict

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