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[E-devel] DeskLock and VMWare, VMWare keeps keyboard input

I'm having an issue with desklock and VMWare.

I have VMWare setup to grab keyboard and mouse focus using VMWare
Tools. Basically, when I move the mouse into the VMWare window, it
gets key+mouse control and when I mouse out of it, it loses the focus
and E17 then gets key+mouse control.

Now, when the DeskLock screensaver kicks in and locks the screen, it
isn't getting the keyboard access if my mouse was last in VMWare.

I don't know if this can be worked around using DeskLock or if it's
just something I'm going to have to live with when using VMWare. Would
it be possible to add a setting to force mouse and key focus to a
specific window or desk area? Or move the mouse to 0,0 of the current
window before locking?

I believe the problem is that the lock is occurring and cannot get
keyboard control because VMWare has it, but it DOES get mouse control,
resulting in a disconnect preventing VMWare from giving up keyboard

Thanks and great work with the desk lock stuff!