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[Fwd: Re: [E-devel] elitaire 0.0.6]

I forgot the list.
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Hawkwind schrieb:

After doing ./configure && make && sudo make install I get no errors.
However, how does one run the application ?  There seems to be no
elitaire executable, and if you try to load it as a module it errors
and doesn't load.

The default installation prefix is /usr/local/games. So probably you haven't got /usr/local/games/bin in your $PATH-variable.

There are two ways you can go:

1. execute /usr/local/games/bin/elitaire
2. or reinstall it with ./configure --prefix=/usr/local or --prefix=/usr

It was a stupid idea of mine to set the default prefix to /usr/local/games. I will change it in the next version. Sorry


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