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Re: [E-devel] desklock and triple head issues

// > Anyway, I'm going to update a config dialog, where it will be possible
// > to set up the following:
// > 
// > a) on which screen(s) to have a login box.
// > b) or to place it automatically in the middle screen.
// or just in the zone where the mouse is currently :)

Thanks, that also a feasible option. Maybe also it will be good
to add some smart option. Which actually determines the best screen ?

// i fixed up the theme a bit already. it's currently adequate i think - not fancy, but adequate. :) we could do with signals for init and shutdown (so the theme may want to do some fade-in or fade-out thing) but really that's about it :)

Thanks also for fixing the theme. Ofcourse we can play a little bit with
fade-in/out effects. Also, my idea is to allow user to set the background
of the lock window. What do you think on this ?