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[E-devel] entrance autodetect.sh integration.

I feel it's time to integrate
e17/apps/entrance/data/config/autodetect.sh into the install process.
It's been there for a while, people are using it, no one has
complained that it doesn't work.  Whenever anybody complains about the
keyboard freezing problem, I suggest they run that script, they do,
and it always fixes it.

make install will overwrite whatever entrance_config.cfg file the system
has with the default one, integrating autodetect.sh into make install
will at least make sure that it has the vt and pam stuff setup

I say we should add autodetect.sh to the things that are done during
make install.  I will do so after a suitable period for discussion
unless someone objects, or someone beats me to it.

While on the subject, wasn't someone writing sessions detection code to
generate the entrance sessions list?  If that is not happening, I'll
add it to my TODO, as I think fdo have something to say about that, and
I can do it after I have finished dealing with fdo menus.

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