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Re: [E-devel] Lots of lost windows

On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 17:18:17 +0100 (CET) "Alexander Griesser"
<work@tuxx-home.at> babbled:

> Update:
> Now I found out how to reproduce this problem:
> When I move thunderbird to my first head, all client windows of thunderbird
> open on the first head too and those client windows _NEVER_ get lost.
> When I move it to the second head, all client windows get openend on the
> third display and no windows get lost.
> When it is on the third display (where it is always, I like that ;) nearly
> all client windows get lost. To me it seems as if they were drawn on the
> (not available) fourth head - meaning any horizontal resolution far away
> from what my system is able to display at the same time.
> What do you think about checking for the top-left coordinate of the window
> to appear and if it is outside the given visual display area, move it
> a little bit to the left so that at least some parts of the window
> are visible. One could also put the whole window inside of the
> visible area, which would be much nicer :)

thats why there is "lost windows" - so we don't have to do that. a mysterious border off the screen with a few pixels on doesnt help a lot. the problem here is that these other windows that move are seemingly dialogs of thunderbird and thunderbird is moving them when e moves one of its windows. this is pretty weird - but it smells of a badly behaved app.

> As I am new to this list, please tell me if such discussions or feature
> requests and bug reports don't belong to this mailing list, I really
> don't know for sure.

they do - but sometimes bugs are not the wm's - they are just "stupid applications" - sometimes they are the wm. it is often hard to pinpoint which. currently e has no code to move groups of windows in any way so i find it highly unlikely that e is moving the "client" windows (dialog windows/other windows) of thunderbird off the screen due to the main window moving.

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