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Re: [E-devel] desklock and triple head issues

Aleksej Struk wrote:
> Actually, this is still under developing. However, it was my idea to
> have login boxes on each screen.

Ah, ok.

> Maybe it is not a very good idea.

In my opinion, it shouldn't be there three times...

> Anyway, I'm going to update a config dialog, where it will be possible
> to set up the following:
> a) on which screen(s) to have a login box.
> b) or to place it automatically in the middle screen.
> c) maybe something else.

Middle screen seems not to be a good idea, because most people do have
"only" two screens and the middle of two is not that easy to find ;)

> However, I do not know why, yet, the mouse pointer is tripled in your
> case.

No! You got me wrong, I said everything _BUT_ the mouse pointer is
tripled. -> The mouse pointer is ok.

> Anyway, now I'm just working on theming options for desklock. After I
> finish this, I will check what can be done with login box.

Yes, that's ok for me, because with the newest version it's well usable
and I'm waiting for some updates to theming functionality :)