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Re: [E-devel] desklock and triple head issues


Actually, this is still under developing. However, it was my idea to
have login boxes on each screen. Maybe it is not a very good idea.
Anyway, I'm going to update a config dialog, where it will be possible
to set up the following:

a) on which screen(s) to have a login box.
b) or to place it automatically in the middle screen.
c) maybe something else.

However, I do not know why, yet, the mouse pointer is tripled in your
case. During my tests
with faked xinerama screens I did not have such problems.

Anyway, now I'm just working on theming options for desklock. After I
finish this, I will check what can be done with login box.


On 2/27/06, Alexander Griesser <work@tuxx-home.at> wrote:
> Aleksej Strukwrote:
> > already done, and in cvs ;)
> Thanks for the quick update, but it doesn't work as expected...
> Now I have the same image on all three screens which also means,
> that there are three password boxes and everything but the mouse is
> being mirrored trice.
> But now I am able to press CTRL-L on any screen and it works, hurray :)
> Maybe you could have a look at the entrance-client code, there it is
> implemented correctly because entrace stretches above all displays and
> centers the login-field on the middle head.
> ciao,
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