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Re: [E-devel] Lots of lost windows


Now I found out how to reproduce this problem:
When I move thunderbird to my first head, all client windows of thunderbird
open on the first head too and those client windows _NEVER_ get lost.

When I move it to the second head, all client windows get openend on the
third display and no windows get lost.

When it is on the third display (where it is always, I like that ;) nearly
all client windows get lost. To me it seems as if they were drawn on the
(not available) fourth head - meaning any horizontal resolution far away
from what my system is able to display at the same time.

What do you think about checking for the top-left coordinate of the window
to appear and if it is outside the given visual display area, move it
a little bit to the left so that at least some parts of the window
are visible. One could also put the whole window inside of the
visible area, which would be much nicer :)

As I am new to this list, please tell me if such discussions or feature
requests and bug reports don't belong to this mailing list, I really
don't know for sure.

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