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[E-devel] key-binding bug

Hi e-developers,

I'm a new guy who just started to use Enlightenment. I found some bugs
and some anoying thing about Enlightenment, but I do not know if you
were allready discussed about them ( since I'm new :-). So, sorry in advance
if I will point out some things that you allready discussed about. I read, that
Enlightenment is under heavy development, so I decided to help by bugreporting :-)

The first thing I want to tell is key-binding.
This feature is extreamly usefull, and I do not imagine a life in linux without
this feature. Still, I think there is minor bug in key-binding in Enlightenment.
Recently I tried to bind keys. Everything worked fine untill I tried to bind key "Ctrl + ;"
to switch to right desktop. It does not work :-( For switching to left desktop
I use "Ctrl + h" and it works perfectly, but somehow "Ctrl + ;" does not work.
I had similar problem with Blackbox ( also could not bind "Ctrl + ;" ) , while
on KDE everything worked fine for me.

Can someone please help me to bind key "Crtl + ;"??

thanks in forward

Eilverijus Kondratas
Master studies in Computer Science
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Italy, Bolzano