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Re: [E-devel] .cvsignore rampage.

> David Seikel wrote:
> I will probably go on a cvs rampage this weekend.  I'll start
> with getting the .cvsignore files in order, as they are in need
> of some tlc, and I might end up with getting engage and enotes
> up to date with the recent EWL API change if their authors
> don't beat me to it.  Somewhere in the middle I am likely to
> apply indent to whatever I'm considered to be responsible for.

I know I said I would do it this weekend, but my computer died
on saturday.  I have mostly resurrected it now, so I will get to that

> You have plenty of time to object.  B-)

Still some time left.  B-)

(I'm currently using the open source nv drivers instead of the closed
source nvidia one I usually used.  My beautiful, rainbow coloured, with
a nice alpha fade, mouse pointer looks strange.)

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