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Re: [E-devel] high resolution problem

On Saturday 25 February 2006 21:47, you wrote:
> Try to make a screenshot and if the lines are on the screenshot, it's
> enlightenment related, I think.
> If not, it's likely to be an issue of your graphics card.
I use nvidia driver.  Is it possible that the linux one is not as clever as 
the windows one, and can't decide whether the resolution/refresh rate duo is 
acceptable for the card or not?

> And that's good so I guess, because it seems to be overdrive for your
> hardware.
> What monitor do you have? What is the recommended timing for 1280x1024?
> What graphic card do you use?
The recommended timing is 75Hz in the highest resolution(1280x1024) as of the 
specifications of the monitor.(H 31-81 V 56-75). But, if i lover the 
ranges(eg to 31-72, or something) it's still 75Hz. I don't know why.
I have Geforce FX 5200 card.

I don't think anymore it's an e17 problem, btw, because browsing internet on 
KDE, i noticed the lines there too, even if not as much as with e17.
Sorry for claiming stupid things.

I notice lines for example on this page:
(bunch of red lines on the top of the page, blinking around the closed 
Peter Parkanyi