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[E-devel] Ecore/E17: minimization problems

Hey :)

I just write to report two bugs (maybe linked).

First, in Ecore_Evas, when you call ecore_evas_iconify_set(ee, 1) (not sure it's
the correct func name) to minimize a window, and then if you unminimize it
manually (with the e17 windows menu for example), and if you call again
ecore_evas_iconify_set(ee, 1) to minimize it again, it doesn't work.
The only way I found to fix this, is to call ecore_evas_iconify_set(ee, 0) and
then ecore_evas_iconify_set(ee, 1). I guess that Ecore doesn't notice that the
window has been unminimized meanwhile.

Second bug (maybe it's the same than the first one), in e17, with k3b, when you
launch the burning process of an Iso image, the burning config dialog is
minimized by k3b. Then when the burning process is over, k3b tries to
unminimize the config dialog, but it just doesn't work. The config dialog stay
minimized, and since it's a modal dialog of the main window of k3b, the main
window can't be focused anymore. You have to unminimize the config dialog
manually. I'm almost sure it's a bug of e17 but I wasn't able to test it on
another wm (I don't have other one :)), so maybe I'm wrong.

Simon TRENY <MoOM>