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[E-devel] Re: Evas double or triple click


Thanks raster for the quick fix of the "bug" on event->flags in Evas :)
But I think the behavior is still not perfect. First of all, clicking quickly on
an object then double clicking on another object (which was detected as a triple
click before the fix) is now not detected as a double click while it should.
Also, i think the behavior should be a little bit different for smart objects.
You should be able to do a single click on an object while the the parent
object should be double clicked. To be clearer: if your smart object is an
icon, with 2 child objects: the image and the label. If you single click
quickly on the image and then on the label, each of these object should emit an
single-click event. But the parent smart object (the icon) should emit a
double-click event on the second click. To do that, I guess the best way is to
add last_click_timestamp directly in the structure of an evas_object and when
its clicked, compared the difference between the two timestamps and emit the
event with the correct flags.