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[E-devel] E17 Shutup Compiler Warnings

Hi All, 

I have taken some times to fix a lot of compiler warning is E17.  Normally I would just submit the patch and wait for complaints, but this patch is rather large. I would like to see if anyone has any different approaches. This is what I have done:

Loads of work on:
* All char * variables which are managed by stringshare have been changed to     
  const char *.
* All function parameters of type char * which are not changed by the funtion and 
  in some cases duped by stringshare have been change to const char *

Small things:
* Remove some unused variables
* cleanup some missing includes
* fix some places where stringshare variables were being freed

The patch attached reduces compiler warnings significantly. There are still warnings in High-Development systems like a few config dialogs and fileman. 

I just expect a few people to look at the patch and say ok or don't do this then I can make changes and commit. me is not expecting people to apply the patch. 

			Stafford M. Horne

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