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Re: [E-devel] desklock and triple head issues


Thanks for the comments. The problems you listed are really known for
me, since I'm actually writing this code.  

However, I only have a single monitor machine. So, I was not able to
test it with xinerama yet. Now, I'm looking for this. Since the main code
is written, and only thing I have to do is to place a desklock window
on all the monitors. 

Please be patient. However, if you can suggest to me how can I visually
have e+xinerama on a single monitor machine, you'll really help. ;)


// A few days ago I fixed this issue in the CVS version by adding a '*3' to the
// width calculation of the desklock window in e_desklock.c, but in todays
// CVS snapshot the calculation gets done in some other manner and so I
// changed all occurences of "zone->w" to "zone->w * 3".
// But that is not a real solution. Is there a way to get the number of xinerama
// heads that also works for fake-xinerama?
// Or is there a function to make the desklock window fit to fullscreen?
// I looked at the entrance source and found out, that there is a function
// called
// "ecore_evas_fullscreen_set" to set the fullscreen flag for this application,
// but using that function does (of course) not work for desklock.
// And another strange thing occured.
// When the mouse pointer is on the first display while hitting CTRL-ALT-l,
// everything works fine.
// When it is on the second display, only the third display gets the
// desklock background, display 1 and 2 don't change.
// And so on.
// best regards and many thanks for your great work,
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