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[E-devel] desklock and triple head issues

Hi all!

I love the new desklock functionality but it has one small limitation for me:
It's only displayed on the first of my three displays.

A few days ago I fixed this issue in the CVS version by adding a '*3' to the
width calculation of the desklock window in e_desklock.c, but in todays
CVS snapshot the calculation gets done in some other manner and so I
changed all occurences of "zone->w" to "zone->w * 3".

But that is not a real solution. Is there a way to get the number of xinerama
heads that also works for fake-xinerama?
Or is there a function to make the desklock window fit to fullscreen?

I looked at the entrance source and found out, that there is a function
"ecore_evas_fullscreen_set" to set the fullscreen flag for this application,
but using that function does (of course) not work for desklock.

And another strange thing occured.
When the mouse pointer is on the first display while hitting CTRL-ALT-l,
everything works fine.
When it is on the second display, only the third display gets the
desklock background, display 1 and 2 don't change.
And so on.

best regards and many thanks for your great work,
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