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Re: [E-devel] [rfc] remove duplicate m4 cruft

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 21:53:36 -0500 Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>

> so as more and more e17 packages are added to cvs, more and more m4
> files are being duplicated ... sometimes they are using older,
> crappier versions, and it's getting to be a real pain to track what's
> out of date
> so what i'm thinking is we add a new toplevel m4 dir, move all the m4
> files to it, and then update the autogen.sh scripts to automatically
> copy over the m4 tree everytime it's run
> i'm willing to do the footwork on this, just want to know what other
> ideas peeps may have

Some of us, myself included, have absolutely no clue about the autofoo
stuff and it's bits and pieces.  So we just copy, cut and paste from
whatever looks like a reasonably close match.  Personally I think that
autofoo is a big pile of crap that is really the wrong way to do
things, but apparently it's a whole lot better than any other current

The concept of updating every bit of autofoo in our cvs tree I have no
problem with, so long as you are prepared to fix what you break at the
same time.

Your automated solution I don't like the sound of. Currently, except
for library dependencies, every sub project is self contained in it's
part of the tree.  I update everything and compile it all at once, but
others don't, and you may be introducing a "please download the m4
directory, but it might not match the version of what you currently
have" support nightmares.  Not to mention the headache of making sure
everything still works each time you update this top level m4 dir.

On the other hand, doing a once only update of all that is in cvs means
that eventually version creep will set in again, and it will have to be
done again.

So, any way you look at it, the main problem is always going to be
keeping them up to date, and making sure that nothing is broken by the
update process.  If you automate the update process, please volunteer
to always be at hand to fix up things when the automation breaks
things, and promise to respond quickly.

As stated above, I have no clue about autofoo, so I may just be
babbling incoherently.  If my nightmares come true though, I reserve
the right to say "I told you say".  B-)

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