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[E-devel] Re: E CVS: apps/e e-taro

The following commit was related to an email that came in from Jerome Pinot on the e-intl list - See the text of Jerome's email below.


Dir     : e17/apps/e/data/input_methods

Modified Files:
Added Files:

Log Message:
Jerome Pinot's new iiimf.imc file for im-sdk


I did a new default imc file for input using the iiim framework of openi18n:

ngc891@comet:/tmp$ enlightenment_imc -list iiimf.imc
Config File List:
Config Version: 1
Config Name:    iiimf
Command Line:   iiimx
gtk_im_module:  iiim
qt_im_module:   iiimqcf
xmodifiers:     @im=htt

Makes my .xinitrc cleaner :-)

I don't like binary patch so I just send the EET file, hope you'll
deal with this.


Jerome Pinot