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Re: [E-devel] Minor bug report: edje_thumb

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006 03:43:05 +0100 Thanatermesis <thanatermesis.ecvs@gmail.com>

> If you use edje_thumb for capture a sequence of images, example:  edje_thumb
> default.edj main/start salida_%i.jpg -g 400x400 -og 400x400 -fps 25 -n 100
> You obtain files called: salida_1.jpg salida_2.jpg... salida_20.jpg,
> salida_70.jpg....

use %02i :)

> The problem is to this files not is "salida_01.jpg" but is "salida_1.jpg",
> then the order of this files is bad, the next thing to you need to make with
> this files is use it on a script or command to put it in a gallery, project
> in a video file... etc... i don't think to rename one-to-one files every
> moment is a solution, of course i don't image to have 1000 or more files.
> if the value of "-n" has 3 chars, put 3 chars (numbers) for all the files...
> I don't know... in any case is a minor bug, i just report it for a posible
> future person to annoining it, aparently for this moments not very persons
> use this good tool...
> Thanks
> Thanatermesis

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