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[E-devel] CVS & Servers - YOU CAN HELP! (STATUS)

OK - I thought its time to say something here.

It seems we are on the road to get our own dedicated boxes. We likely will move development CVS too - SF.NET has been iffy with their DEV CVS support of late as well and our own DEV CVS will let us offer anoncvs mirrors trivially via rsync. WWW will likely move too as we finally will get full freedom for our webserver. Mailing lists will likely stay on SF.NET.

Anyway - more importantly "why is this taking so long". I've been waiting to hear back on tentative requests for free hardware first. I think it's time to stop waiting.

(Ben - if you don't get back to us ASAP on Sun's position the assumption is it's a no).

So I think we should go ahead and get this underway. Overall Dell seem to provide what we need. we don't need expensive SCSI drives and controllers. a simple SATA drive with raid 1 is probably better. their poweredge 850 with a dual core pentium d should do us , 2gb of ram, 250gb SATA drives x2 gigabit ethernet x2, and 3year next business day warranty (much cheaper and frankly all we really need as an extra 20 or so hours of down time shouldn't break us). dells' price ex shipping is $2784. I will check what discount we can pull today. :) but expect some mail soon with a target price. Before i go any further - any more suggestions?

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