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Fwd: [e-users] Re: [E-devel] XGL

And this was Rasterman replies to my mail that he just send to me (my fault)

> Hi!
> Does not Evas already (or will not?) suport OpenGL rendering?

yes. it has for years. opengl is used to render 2d. it has bugs and
issues some related to opengl itself, some related to evas's gl

> > efl does no 3d. id u EVER want to see e17 e18 etc. - we will not even TOUCH
> > this topic. if you want a 3d wm - write your own or use existing ones. e is
> > not a 3d wm and will never be.
> Just by watching the video I tought that Compiz is not a 3d wm it just
> uses OpenGL to draw everything, what makes possible todo all that

use 3d effects. ie drawing polygons with z values and perspective with
textures mapped onto them.

> flashy things as cube rotating from one desktop top to another with a
> video stills playing between them, and the True transparent windows..
> A 3d wm is something like 3dwm (dead) or Looking Glass where you can
> rotate windows to Z axis..

this makes it 3d. the moment your rendering involves a z axis. how
much u do in 3d is a matter of degree. the moment you USE a z axis you
complicate life.

> > doign 3d will mean writign e to DEPEND on opengl and
> > thus lock out anyoen with older or unsupported gfx cards, open up a can of
> > worms for stability, bugs and performance, and mean e wont get released for
> > many many many more years to come.
> I totaly agree about don't lock EFL on OpenGL, but the OpenGL backend
> could suport all that features or at least just extend e17 (or a
> future e18) to suport them..

not so easily done. i don't have time to go into this and explain it
all. i will be happy to discuss it once the people bringing up the
topic all the time know precisely what it is they are talking about
(no offence intended - please - BUT please do some thorough research
into all of the glx, opengl, xcomposite, xrender, xdamage, etc. world
first as i fine myself repeating myself waaay too often).

> Just my 2c..
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