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Re: [E-devel] evas and poppler

On Mon, 13 Feb 2006 14:01:24 +0100 (CET) Vincent Torri
<Vincent.Torri@iecn.u-nancy.fr> babbled:

> hello,
> for those who do not know, poppler is a library that can parse and render
> pdf content to some kind of 'bitmaps'. I've written an evas frontend for
> it. But the developpers don't want to include it in the poppler cvs until
> "a couple of applications start using it". I don't know how people will
> use that front end if it's not available.

that is cool - that would provide the ability to do pdf viewers, and also pdf
thumbnails. just like buffer canvases are used to make thumbs atm. :)

> So I would like to add the evas front end (with three widgets (evas smart
> one, ewl one and etk one) and with an example for all of them) in the
> proto/ directory. In addition, it will be easier for us to maintain it.

thats no problems. :)

> I recall that, as poppler takes code from xpdf, it's released under the
> GPL licence.

then the code you wrote technically is GPL - regardless of how you license it,
UNLESS you make a GENERIC modular system (like emotion for example) where the
module loader is pretty agnostic as to what it loads and then SEPARATELY u
provide a poppler based module - then technically just this module is gpl, and
the wrapper and module loader isn't (yes this is debatable - but this is
analagous to the "excluding system libaries" part of the gpl as you have made a
generic system that allows anything to plug in... lets not go there ok? but
this has been done before with imlib2 - the xcf loader uses gpl code - it was
spearated and that was equal to complying with the GPL even thouhg imlib2 CAN
load the loader module - it doesnt make imlib2 gpl as such).

> Is there any objection to add that 'epdf' library in proto/ ? (licence
> (i don't know much about the problems related to licence) or something
> else)

no problems. in the long run this needs to be sorted out though - but you will
need to knwo that effectively its GPL for now :( (btw - technically so is
emotion due to the xine module. one day i need to split that all out when it
matures - but no time atm).

> Vincent
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