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[E-devel] discussion: desktop lock functionality

Hi all,

I think of starting a new app/module for e17. Actually, I want to
write a desktop lock app/module. However, I still do not know what to
start from and what functionality to implement.

My idea is to have a separate program, like KDE does, which will lock
the desktop. I think that it should behave as follows :

1. Create a new fullscreen window.
2. Disable all keybindings.
3. Disable all mouse bindings.
4. disable window menu.
5. disable a possibility to switch desktop
6. something else...

Unfortunately I do not know how to implement desktop locking and what to
start from. Actually I tried to investigate xlock program, but I a
little bit confused with it. If somebody knows something about desktop
locking,or can provide some refs to documentation, please write me.