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Re: [E-devel] Re: context menu


On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 07:55 +0900, David Stevenson wrote:

> So the only (minor) improvement I can claim from the patch I posted
> last time is that we won't get those "sorry couldn't find your locale"
> messages on stderr when switching back to the C locale, but that
> doesn't require a textdomain call to achieve, i.e. my last patch but
> like this:
> +            else if (strcmp(alias_locale, "C") == 0)
> +              {
> +                   // no need to even call textdomain?
> +              }

I was also thinking its best not to show that error message.  Then we
could pop up a Dialog to let people know what the problem is, when there
really is a problem. 

I guess it would be best if we also add something like:

            else if (	(strcmp(alias_locale, "C") == 0) ||
			(strncmp(alias_locale, "en_", 3) == 0))
                   // no need to even call textdomain?

I just don't like that because "en_" is a bit of a hack. I was hoping I
could think of a better way to do it.