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[E-devel] The oh-so-ugly Transparency situation...

I was doing some reading last night on the E17 transparency situation.

I really need my Ecore/Evas/Edje based application to do transparency to
the desktop, not just the "alpha > 128" rule that it does now.

After reading the following post and going back to "The Road to
Enlightenment", I understand why E17 transparency is implemented the way
that it is, and it makes total sense.


After some more research, this post was uncovered. It is a post on the
Xorg mailing lists that discusses the Shape extension as well as
composite and such. (Apparently raster cheats on us and uses the Xorg
mailing lists too!)


My question is this, what is the current state of transparency in EFL?
There is talk of in the Xorg list about Xcomposite + Xrender and stuff
like that. Is this a viable option or do I have to resort to image
grabbing and manual blending via ImLib2? (Like Esmart does)

Ed Presutti (ekrunch on freenode)