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[E-devel] evas and poppler


for those who do not know, poppler is a library that can parse and render
pdf content to some kind of 'bitmaps'. I've written an evas frontend for
it. But the developpers don't want to include it in the poppler cvs until
"a couple of applications start using it". I don't know how people will
use that front end if it's not available.

So I would like to add the evas front end (with three widgets (evas smart
one, ewl one and etk one) and with an example for all of them) in the
proto/ directory. In addition, it will be easier for us to maintain it.

I recall that, as poppler takes code from xpdf, it's released under the
GPL licence.

Is there any objection to add that 'epdf' library in proto/ ? (licence
(i don't know much about the problems related to licence) or something