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One thing to try is, if you notice the links are missing, try running an
ldconfig.  I'd do it but the builds I've tried from CVS don't build their
RPMS right yet.  Some stuff hasn't been properly converted to the new
"auto-f'ck" setup.

I'll probably be investigating this more this weekend though, even if for
my own edumacation.

>          Sorry to bug again. I got this compilation error when compilin=
> evas:
> [SNIP]
> well it seems that  it's looking for libeet.so and libedb.so, while
> the packages eet and edb install libeet.so.0.9.9 and libedb.so.1.0.5.
> Now from previous experience, I know if I symlink (ln -s blah blah)
> everything would be ok since we're probably talking about the same
> files.
> But should I do that each time? Is it possible to make the subsequent
> packages search for the exact name of the libraries or if you have
> other ways of handling this, it would be most welcome? ;-) Thanks.

Jason Williams
Lead Developer
Gaim Assistant